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Redselecter @ Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Jamaica 2011
Redselecter @ Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Jamaica 2011

Greetings! My name is Christopher Edmonds and this is my personal blog.

I’m an electrical engineer, software developer, and music business entrepreneur living in Kingston, Jamaica.

I currently do consulting in the music tech/music data space, and I sit on the Board of Directors of JAMMS (the Jamaica Music Society), Jamaica’s CMO for neighbouring rights in sound recordings.

I’m the ex-CTO of Music Tech Works and the ex-CEO and founder of Remetrik (Techstars Music 2021).

I write mostly about topics related to software and hardware engineering, the music business and music production, performing, and DJing as Redselecter.

Read more on my LinkedIn.

You can contact me at christopher [at] tunecrew [dot] com.


  1. hi
    do you know something about issues in apc40 mkII?
    i have one and not work bank selects transport and other functions,,, and aka not give me a response via support,,, crying…
    sorry me english im Spanish speaker…
    if you have some data or idea whatever…. thanks!

  2. chris,
    thanks for taking the time to inform folks about the 3 modes and the ability to do so with the apc40
    i am a guy that appreciates the inner workings of control surfaces and the ability to get full use of its capabilities.
    hope all is well.

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