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Software Development

Sharing Environmental Variables With Docker & uwsgi

In this post I am going to describe how to share environmental variables between applications running in a uwsgi application server instance and the shell in the same Docker container.

Software Development

HTTPS For Local Development With React, Django, uWSGI & Docker

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I’m building an MVP for a SaaS application that will later be deployed to the cloud (AWS in this case). By default, most local development setups serve (insecure) HTTP connections, but production applications are (or should be) deployed using HTTPS. I wanted to understand and mitigate any issues with HTTPS before deployment, so I decided …

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How To Delete A List On Trello

Being unable to directly delete lists on Trello annoys the neatnik and engineer in me. Yes, you can archive them, but it’s not the same- sometimes you just want things deleted (for example when they’re created by mistake, as opposed to just being not relevant to your board anymore). Here’s a very easy way to …