How To Delete A List On Trello

Being unable to directly delete lists on Trello annoys the neatnik and engineer in me. Yes, you can archive them, but it’s not the same- sometimes you just want things deleted (for example when they’re created by mistake, as opposed to just being not relevant to your board anymore).

Here’s a very easy way to actually delete lists:

  1. Create a new board and call it “To Delete” (you can call it anything you want really, I just call it that to make it a bit more obvious).
  2. In the title bar of the list you want to delete, click the ellipsis / … / three dots and select “Move List”
  3. Move the list to your newly created “To Delete” board.
  4. Go to the “To Delete” board and select “Show Menu” (if it is not already visible on the right side of the Trello window/screen.
  5. Select “More” in the board menu.
  6. Select “Close Board” in the “More” menu then click the “Close” button to confirm.
  7. You will then be presented with a “To Delete is closed” screen- click the “Permanently Delete Board” option then click the “Delete” button to confirm.
  8. All done!

Have a number of lists to delete? Move them all to your “To Delete” board first, then delete the board.

One caveat: not sure if this works on the mobile version, but you can always do it in the desktop app or the web version.

Enjoy your newly empty archives πŸ˜€


apc40-mode: Change Firmware Modes On The Akai APC40

The Akai APC40 is a great controller for MIDI mapping to applications (Traktor, etc.) as it has a large and varied set of controls available, along with multi-coloured pads. For a MIDI application to take full advantage of these the APC40 needs to be in Firmware Mode 1; upon power-up, however, the APC40 enters Firmware Mode 0. Switching toΒ Firmware Mode 1 can be done by opening Ableton Live, waiting for the APC40 to be recognised as a control surface (assuming it is configured as one), and then closing Live. apc40-mode is simple utility that will let you switch between the three firmware modes at the command line, so you don’t have to open Live (or even have it installed).

Akai APC40
Akai APC40

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Emulating The Traktor Kontrol F1 – Part 2

Development Setup

In Part 1 of this post, I explained the background of this project. Now I’m going to detail the hardware and software development setup I am using.

N.B. Since starting this series, Traktor 2.6.2 has been released, which allows MIDI mapping of the Remix Decks. I’ve decided to finish this series anyway, however, as it has a lot of information that is helpful for Arduino development in general, as well as for building custom controllers for the Remix Decks (and other HID and MIDI applications also).

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