My Development Setup On OS X Part 1

I do all of my development work on an Mac OS X machine – currently a MacBook Air with a CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 2 dock and external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Most of this work, however, ends up on a server running linux on Digital Ocean or Amazon EC2 or Lambda. The beauty of OS X is of course that it is *nix based, so we can set up an environment that is pretty close to a typical server setup. Going from development to deployment usually just requires some path and URL changes and other minor tweaks. Continue reading “My Development Setup On OS X Part 1”

Restoring the old “Get Info” window in iTunes 12

* Update – the ability to use this hack seems to have been removed in a subsequent iTunes update… #BooHiss

OK, let’s get this out of the way quickly… iTunes 12 blows monkey chunks. It features a more confusing header bar, no improvement in performance for large libraries and most importantly, it has taken a massive step backwards in usability vis-à-vis the new “Get Info” window.

Continue reading “Restoring the old “Get Info” window in iTunes 12″